I am interested in what our consciousness is. We live in three coordinates in space, one in time, which we access through our five or more senses (balance, pain etc) and our memory.

I am interested in what it means to be alive, and how this can be explored using virtual reality,

My animation ’The Everything Move’ made during my time at the Royal College of Art explored the representation of childhood memories. I drew animations on paper and then composited them as a 360 video.

‘A time before’ my new film explores the make believe worlds of childhood, combining hand drawn 2D animation with 360 degree underwater live action footage.

In 2017 I released the experimental documentary DisAstro which examines Capitalism and its crisis in Greece through the echoes they left on its landscape.

Flections is an ongoing project (see below). I shoot footage of water and reflections and use it to explore aspects of nature hidden to us by the perspective, scale and time frame from which we perceive the world.